Raymond and Suze James (May 1st, 2010)

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"We are the James’ and we had our renewal/ wedding on May 1, 2010 @ 12pm. I would like to start off by saying that Moore the Marrier did an excellent job! In the beginning, I Mrs. James did not want to have the ceremony due to the fact of the planning and lack of time. I happen to mention it to Mrs. Moore and she volunteer to help me out.  It was the end of March when I talked to Mrs. Moore and she was able to complete the task in a month time. I always wanted a wedding outside and we were able to do that considering the weather that day.

The Moore’s are awesome for not really knowing me that well. I given Mrs. Moore a budget and she did not go over that budget.  The Moore’s did all the work as far as the invites, programs, menus, buying decorations, food, music, and so much more. I offered so many times to help, but she would not allow me to assist in the setup process. I appreciate the fact that she did the shopping for the decorations, my dress, my boys outfit, and my shoes. They even went with me to my bridal pictures, which I thought was nice on there part. Mrs. Moore even took the time out to go with me to my extremely long pre wedding hair appointment. She did not have to do that and I am truly grateful.

Like everything in life there are always hiccups, as I call them. The venue was making it a bit difficult, because all that we had planned got ruled out. She also was supposed to have help in preparing the food and the initial setup, but her help did not show up. Another thing was that my videographer had to work so therefore he was not able to show up. Considering all of this the ceremony was a success.

No matter what it was Mrs. Moore always kept her cool and was always had a back up idea. The Moore’s video tape the ceremony for my husband and I. What I thought was sweet on there part was when they had our guests leave a message on the end of the video for us. My parents and guests had a great time. They told me how much of a great job Moore the Marrier did.

She saved me a lot of money and is truly a bargain shopper. It was a long month, stressful times, confusion, and sleepless nights. Having all this going on, I sincerely recommend Moore the Marrier to anyone who is thinking about taking the next step in there relationship. " 

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